On the first day of the Bucharest Business Trip hosted by the Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KTSO), representatives of 35 companies operating in Kırklareli within the scope of OS KOSGEB Overseas Business Trip Support Program ”hosted by Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Romanian Turkish Investors Association ‘the organization carried out in the “Romania-Turkey Bilateral Relations Between Economy and Environment” seminar was very productive.

The program was held on 19 December 2019 Thursday; Republic of Turkey in Bucharest Embassy First Counselor Ali Kılıçarslan bun, Kırklareli Commerce and Industry (CCCI) Chairman Soner warm, CTCI Assembly President Ismail Hakki Özsan, Trakya Development Agency Secretary General Mahmoud Shahin, Romania Nazmi Turkish Union of Investors Dogan, the Romanian Commercial and Chamber of Commerce officials and members, Romania and Turkey investors Association members and officials from Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Turkey joined with members of the investor company officials.

* President of KTSO Soner Ilık; “We expect all Romanian investors to Kırklareli”

Speaking at the seminar, Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KTSO) President Soner Ilık said:

Inden Distinguished speakers and participants, we are honored for your participation in our program organized as part of our Bucharest overseas business trip. You are all welcome.

As the Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we act with the goal of being a pioneer in the development of Kırklareli. In this context, we realize many projects for economic growth and human development.

4 Organized Industrial Zone and one of the most important production centers in the country with close to 800 manufacturing companies which Kırklareli, Turkey ranks 15th in the manufacturing sector development rankings. Organized Industrial Zones in our city are home to the biggest companies of our country in the fields of food, textile, plastic, packaging, metal processing, casting, cement, glass and stone production.

Kırklareli, as well as the industrial, trained human resources, fertile soil brought by the quality of agricultural and livestock products, while constantly enhance the economic development and tourism opportunities in Turkey is among the provinces. Geographical location and strong energy infrastructure make our province for investment, while advanced transportation infrastructure brings us closer to the world.

As Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we strive to support our entrepreneurs in all these areas. As a city on the European border, developing our international trade relations is one of our biggest goals. Romania is at the top of these countries.

We will have important contacts here for two days. Through seminars, meetings and bilateral business meetings, we will introduce the Romanian economy and the sectors and companies we can cooperate with. I sincerely believe that the acquaintances on this trip will improve both the trade relations and friendship between the two countries in a short time. I wish success to all Romanian and Turkish business people participating in the program.

serves as a bridge between Romania and Turkey, Romania, Turkey Investors are proud to work I follow, I want to open a separate brackets Association. Mr. Nazmi Doğan, members of the board of directors and employees represent our country in the best way and we are proud of our work. The realization of this program was made possible by their collaborations and contributions. I would like to thank the Turkish Investors Association of Romania once more in the presence of Mr. Nazmi Doğan.

Today we are hosting the Romanian Trade and Industry Due Chamber officials and supports Bilateral Relations Office of the President Mr Razvan Parvulescu and participation with us in honoring the Republic of Turkey in Bucharest Embassy First Secretary Mr. I thank Ali Kılıçarslan Topuz. ”

After the speeches of the other participants, Soner Ilık, President of KTSO, İsmail Hakkı Özsan, Chairman of KTSO Assembly and Members of the Board of Directors gave a plaque of appreciation to the participants.

* Positive results in bilateral meetings

After the end of the seminar program, İş Bilateral Business Meetings gerçekleştiril, which was hosted by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and organized by the Association of Turkish Investors of Romania, were started. In this context, investors from Kırklareli and investors in Romania held talks about their business.