with the participation of 35 company representatives operating in Kırklareli “KOSGEB Foreign Business Travel Support Program” Romania Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce in the Business Gezisi in Bucharest City (CCCI), the Republic of Turkey in Bucharest Ambassador Füsun between us, the They visited the office.

On Friday, December 20, 2019 at 11.00 visit; Soner Ilık, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KTSO, İsmail Hakkı Özsan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KTSO; Nihat Bıyıklı, Ertan Özbek, Hüsnü Güngör Akarca, Ahmet Eroğlu, Thrace Development Agency Secretary General Mahmut Şahin, Romania-Turkish Investors Association President Nazmi Doğan took part.

* President Warm; “Kırklareli, is among the provinces constantly enhance the economic development in Turkey”

In his speech during the visit, President of KTSO Soner Ilık stated that all Romanian investors expect to invest in Kırklareli; Olarak As the Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we act with the goal of being the leading organization in the development of Kırklareli. In this context, we realize many projects for economic growth and human development.

Kırklareli, as well as the industrial, trained human resources, fertile soil brought by the quality of the Agriculture and Livestock Products, is among the provinces with constantly enhance the economic development in Turkey Tourism Opportunities. Geographical location and strong energy infrastructure make our province for investment, while advanced transportation infrastructure brings us closer to the world.

As the chamber, we strive to support our entrepreneurs in all these areas. As a city on the European border, developing our international trade relations is one of our biggest goals. Romania is at the top of these countries. We expect all companies operating in Romania to invest in Kırklareli. ”

Realized stating that he was extremely pleased with the visit Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Bucharest Füsun not looking for, said he was ready to fall on top of everything.

During the visit; CCCI Chairman Soner warm the Republic of Turkey in Bucharest Ambassador Füsun Kırklareli Hardaliye with between us, the crescent shaped gift, CTCI Assembly President Ismail Hakki Özsan Plaque, Trakya Development Agency Secretary General Mahmoud Shahin in Kırklareli has received the gift package offering a variety of regional product presented.